New Community Project

Photos from the NCP Sustainable Living Center in Starksboro, VT

NCP is a small organization with a big goal – to change the world by changing the way we relate to the planet and its people. We offer resources that challenge us, experiences that change us and a community that gives us hope. Here are some of the ways we work:

Earth Care

Caring for this amazing but endangered planet is the challenge of our lifetime. Every one of earth’s systems is in trouble: the climate continues to warm, half of all the earth’s wetlands are gone, extinctions are epidemic, only half of tropical forests remain, even the seas are in jeopardy due to threats from many angles. Earth Overshoot Day—the symbolic day every year that humanity has exhausted nature’s budget for the year—now arrives in August. For the rest of the year, we’re borrowing against the future.

Slowing and then reversing climate change is a key challenge of our times. NCP believes the changes we need to turn things around won’t come from the top political or corporate leaders—but from people who care deeply for our planet and its people and its future-joining with other people of courage and conscience and compassion—who not only embody lifestyles that model a new direction, but move out from there to become agents for change in our communities, society and world.

Learning Tours

New Community Project Learning Tours will take you to places where earth and its people are struggling. Whether it’s the rainforest, the Arctic, or places where people live in poverty and desperation, you’ll have a first-hand look at troubling situations as well as the resilience and determination of those who live there–and in the process have the experience of a lifetime!

Learning Tour goals:

  • gain understanding of the challenges facing our neighbors and our planet
  • learn about ways our world is connected to the rest of the world economically, environmentally, culturally
  • give and receive support as we deal with challenges within our respective societies
  • build community with other Learning Tour participants and with those we visit
  • return home better equipped to be a voice for justice and peace in our world

Sustainable Living Centers

NCP’s Sustainable Living Centers in Harrisonburg, Virginia and Starksboro, Vermont put our principles into practice. They model, teach and advocate for energy efficiency, eco-building principles, sustainable transportation, engagement with their communities, and outreach to people on the margins of society. They also promote a spiritually-centered life connected to the local and global community as the best antidote to our consumer culture. We are also developing a network of Affiliate sites–places that share our values and with whom we collaborate in various ways, but who also have programs and projects not directly related to NCP in Taos, NM, Lybrook, NM and Manheim, PA.

Learn more about the New Community Project organization here.